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Mansoori I and Mansoori II are located on the principal avenue of the city - Av. W3 Norte - Quadra 714/715 - Asa Norte. Mansoori II is next block of the same Quadra (Sector).

The area is well served by public transport at very short intervals and the nearby area has banks, supermarket and restaurants.

The map below refers to the various important localities and distances.

Map of Brasília

Detail of the map

Localities Distances
Supermarket Extra 1km
Boulevard Shopping 1km
University of Brasília (UnB) 4km
Ministry Blocks 7,5km
TV Tower 5,5km
Convention Center 6,5km
Tribunal Court 7,5km
Monument of JK 8km
Railway & Interstate Bus Station 13km
Imported Stuff Fair 15km
Temple of Good Will (LBV) 13km
International Airport JK 19km
National Academy of Federal Police (ANP) 6km


Mansoori I

Adress: SHCGN 714/715, Bloco A,
Entrada 29 - Asa Norte
70.761-610 - Brasília (DF)

Coordenates: 15444152 S   47535127 O

Mansoori II

Adress: SHCGN 714/715, Bloco B,
Entrada 26 - Asa Norte
70.761-620 - Brasília (DF)

Coordenates: 15444263 S   47535243 O

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